Quality control
A Complete Quality Control System
Quality Promised

Our Policy: Do not accept faulty products, Do not manufacture faulty products, Do not miss any faulty products

Do not accept faulty products
Do not manufacture faulty products
Do not miss faulty products
Quality Policy

Full Participation, Regulated Management, Quality Prioritized, Lead time guaranteed, Constantly Improving, Continuous Operation

Environmental Protection

We have been reducing the carbon emission and creating a more sustainable economy, while we are trying to better ourselves. Improving energy efficiency, procuring renewable material, reducing wastes have became JRJ’s creed. Through constant vertical management, more than 70 suppliers of JRJ are certified by RoHS/REACH/PAHS, etc. And other 90+ environmental certifications for Inks, PCBs, Plastics, etc. JRJ set a path to create a more sustainable future for human beings during designing, development, and manufacture of the products.